At Root Laye Technologies we are long time fans of continues improvement for our customers. With recent improvements to our network infrustructure and a recent boom in customer numbers we feel that it is imortant to continue to provide A+ customer service and support to our customers.

Today Monday 9th January 2017 we Root Layer Technologies are pleased to announe a brand new Web Server in Sydney, New South Wales Australia. This new server will be housed in the state of the art secure data cenre in Equinix SY3. Housing this server in this data centre not only provies industry standard and world class security, it also provides direct network connections to popular world wide location such as the USA, CA, UK and many more. FOr more information about where our new server is to be hosed please click the link provided:

As we continue to grow and expand our reach here at Root Layer Technologies we are confident that you will continue to see new deployments in other regions as well as world locations.

All the best!

Root Layer Technologies.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

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